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Capo 3.5


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NameCapo 3.5
Size29.79 MB
Created on2016-12-17 01:02:57
FilesCapo 3.5/Capo v3.5 MAS.dmg (29.79 MB)


Name: Capo 3
Version: 3.5
Release Date: December 15, 2016
Language: English
Developer: SuperMegaUltraGroovy, Inc.
MAS Rating: 4+
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.11 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor

Includes: Pre-K'ed
Activation: Pre-K'ed (Courtesy of TNT)

Web Site:
Mac App Store:

**Apple Design Award Winner**

Capo helps you learn to play the songs in your music collection by ear. Its sophisticated, easy-to-use features will have you learning to play more songs in less time.

• GET THE CHORDS: Capo analyzes the songs you load by "listening" to them, and then displays all the chords it hears. In addition to naming the chords, Capo can show diagrams for guitar, ukulele, banjo, mandolin and 4-6 string bass players. When Capo misses a chord, or gets it wrong, you can correct the detected chords easily, and your changes get saved with the song. You can specify alternate chord voicings, and for all you lefties out there: we've got you covered with our left-handed display mode. Rock on, southpaws!

• CHANGE THE SPEED: Slow down (or speed up) your music without changing its pitch, so you can practice with the recording at a comfortable pace. Its high-quality time stretching engine ensures that your music sounds great at any speed. Export your speed-adjusted songs for use in other applications or devices.

• CHANGE THE KEY: Quickly transpose your music to a different key so you can play or sing along with it comfortably. The chords and chord diagrams update immediately to reflect the new key as you drag the pitch slider.

• LOOP PLAYBACK:  Loop sections of a song for practice or sharing by creating regions. Simply drag on the waveform to create looping regions that snap to the beat and loop in time with the original recordings. Name the looping regions or colour code them to stay organized. Or export your regions for use in other applications. 

• EXTRACT OR ELIMINATE INSTRUMENTS & VOCALS: With Capo's cutting-edge isolation effect, you can more easily hear the parts of a song you are trying to learn by simply adjusting a few sliders. Extract the sound of a single instrument/vocal to hear it more clearly, or eliminate it to create a custom backing track.

• GENERATE TABLATURE: Record the notes you hear in a song — simply by using your mouse and clicking the notes you see on the spectrogram. No longer do you have to keep a notepad at hand to transcribe solos, because your transcriptions are saved for when you return to learning, or playing a song. 

• ADD A 'VIRTUAL CAPO' / CHOOSE ALTERNATE TUNINGS: Quickly audition a song's chords using different frets and alternate tunings so you can find out where it’s most comfortable to play, or to better match your instrument. When setting a fret to place a "virtual capo", Capo automatically adjusts its chord diagrams so they are displayed in relation to the capo.

• METRONOME AND COUNT-IN: Rehearse like a pro and improve your timing by playing along with a song-synchronized click track. Use the count-in feature to give yourself a bar or two to take a deep breath before rocking out with your favorite songs.

• SAVE CHANGES & COLLABORATE: All your work while learning a song (e.g. editing chords, creating loops) gets saved in a 'Project' while you work. When you open that song again, you’re ready to pick up where you left off. You can also share your projects and collaborate with students, friends or bandmates using email, AirDrop, Messages, or simply by copying the project to another Mac.
• SHARE PROJECTS BETWEEN DEVICES: Easily share your work between your Mac and your iPhone/ iPad, when you also have Capo touch (purchased separately from the iTunes App Store.) Using iCloud, changes you make to your songs are kept up-to-date on all your devices so you can be ready to continue where you left off whether you made the changes at home on your computer, or while traveling on the road.

• LOAD MUSIC FILES: Capo can open, play and analyze the songs you purchased from the iTunes Store as well as MP3, M4A, AIFF, and WAV audio files.

Note: As with all apps, Capo cannot play music that is protected using Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology. This includes streaming content from Apple Music and other services.

What's New in Version 3.5:
New Features:

• Song Views—Switch between Practice & Tabbing

Capo now shows you what’s most important depending on what you’re currently doing. While listening and practicing, the waveform is front & center with quick and easy region creation. When tabbing out a song, the spectrogram is there to help you pick out notes, and dive deeper into the performance. Use the popup button in the window's title bar to change Song Views, or use the command-1 or command-2 keyboard shortcuts.

• Transcription Playhead

Locks the playhead in place, re-starting playback from the same point until you move the playhead elsewhere.

• Touch Bar Support

Quickly navigate around the song using the waveform overview scrubber, and access common playback controls. You can even customize the Touch Bar to include the controls you use most often.

• Markers are BACK!

Lots of you really miss the markers from earlier releases, so we brought them back! Hit the ‘M’ key to drop a marker, or use the button in the toolbar.


• Improved Loop / Region behavior

To loop a region, just click to select it, and hit play! No more confusing loop toggle to worry about. Regions can now also be modified while they’re looping, and when a region is selected, using the left/right arrow keys will move between the regions in the song.

• Highly Improved Scrubbing

We put together a nifty new bit of code for this release that lets you scrub over your track and “hold” a note frozen in time as you drag the playhead. To engage scrubbing, click & drag the playhead around the timeline. This feature is especially helpful to identify individual notes and find where they start while you’re tabbing out a song using the spectrogram.

• Show & Hide the Chords, Tablature

If you’d prefer to not see them, or you’re short on screen space, you can toggle the Chords and Tablature notation in either of the Practice or Tabbing views. This is great for those that want a “bare-bones” Capo experience, and those with the golden ears!

• Full-Screen Support:

Capo now supports full-screen mode. Finally!
Bug Fixes:

• Fixed an issue that caused file exports to fail in some circumstances.
• Capo no longer consumes excessive memory when loading and closing many documents over time.
• The discrete, high-performance GPU is no longer enabled by Capo, and thus battery life should be greatly extended while using Capo with Macs that are equipped with discrete GPUs.

If you're enjoying Capo, please show us some love by leaving a review in the App Store! And don't be shy—use the support link to let us know how we can make Capo even better for you, *especially* if you have any questions or concerns while using it. We're listening, and read *all* our incoming support mail!





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